Entry #2

Zombie and robot webcomic relaunch!

2009-08-07 15:31:42 by 8BitLoser

I don't know if anyone remembers my webcomic That's Inhuman that I launched a while back... but anyway... it's back! Or, for those who've never heard of it... it's HERE! And I feel it's going pretty strong with a whole new design and just overall betterness.


Also, I'm going to be doing a new That's Inhuman animation soon... I've done all the script and the recording, now all that's left is the actual animation to do.

So yeah, I just thought I'd give that update. And I'd love to here from anyone about what they think of the new That's Inhuman!

Weeee!! :D

Zombie and robot webcomic relaunch!


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2009-08-07 16:30:37

That's awesome! I've liked "That's Inhuman" Better than Gitroo anyway (sorry if the name is wrong. I don't quite remember it, to be honest)


2009-08-07 17:35:45

I remember watching that first flash you made about the comic. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the next one.


2009-08-07 19:47:32

a little too much :3


2009-08-08 03:06:38

Yay :D
Oh and I also love that profile gif to.
Something about all your animations makes me want to hit the replay button!
The fluid animation, it's like an addiction!!
One almost as bad as my useless info searching and listening to TMBG songs :p


2009-08-08 11:05:44

MAy I just say I friggin love this