I don't know if anyone remembers my webcomic That's Inhuman that I launched a while back... but anyway... it's back! Or, for those who've never heard of it... it's HERE! And I feel it's going pretty strong with a whole new design and just overall betterness.


Also, I'm going to be doing a new That's Inhuman animation soon... I've done all the script and the recording, now all that's left is the actual animation to do.

So yeah, I just thought I'd give that update. And I'd love to here from anyone about what they think of the new That's Inhuman!

Weeee!! :D

Zombie and robot webcomic relaunch!

Back in Action!

2008-02-23 03:21:16 by 8BitLoser

It's weird to think that I haven't submitted anything to NewGrounds in YEARS!
NG use to be a huge part of my life, it was my default homepage for my browser and I would watch almost every movie as it came in. Plus NewGrounds was pretty much what made me work as hard at improving my animation as I did, that completive community NG provided played a big role in my life... and yet for years I've fallen out of the loop and NG has changed a whoooole lot since I was last an active member.

But yeah, I'm hoping to start punching out personal flash works again here using my new account. I think it should be pretty exciting, particularly since I've improved a fuck of a lot since that last time I was here.

I've been doing a whole lot in the webcomics scene for the last couple years though, my present webcomic is called Gtrood , check it out... it's pretty cool. Probably a lot of my animation that I'm going to start doing now will be related with that.. it's interesting seeing other webcomikers like Scott Ramsoomair (of VGCats fame) entering into the world of animation for the first time, and then there's me... the prodigal son... or whatever... I don't know where I'm going now...


In summation... Animation is cool, and check out my webcomic!

Back in Action!